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Go Anywhere

with uGO Electric Wheelchair

Go anywhere your heart desires. You are no longer limited to the smooth level floors of your home. Drive on sand, snow, grass and other surfaces. The solid tires give you the ability and independence to descend and climb stairs without any assistance. Live life to the fullest!
Encounter New Adventures

With uGO Super 4x4 Electric Wheelchair

Encounter new adventures, explore the rugged outdoors, and enjoy beautiful sunsets at the beach. This 4x4 easily manoeuvres over rough terrain, sand, gravel and snow. Climb ramps up to 45 angles Find your freedom!
Broaden your

with the uGO Super E-Bike Mobility Scooter

Broaden your travels. Feel secure, safe and comfortable as this scooter will take you anywhere you want to go in effortless style and ease. Take action, move confidently. Street legal, no license required.

XL 4x4 wheelchair

CLIMBS a 45 Track Angle. The 4x4 wheelchair is equipped with a gyroscope allowing the chair to synchronize to the angle of your seat. [More Info...]

4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Easy operation, fashionable, comfortable deluxe captain's style seat. [More Info...]

Electric Wheelchair

Fully programmable integral joystick / controller. Good performance on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Can be driven on slope below 8. [More Info...]

Mobility Scooters

Find Your Freedom Again ! Our modern designs will make you the talk of the town! Be confident that you have the power to get where you need to go, comfortably and in style. [More Info...]